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Stop The Barbaric Act, NANS frowns At Shooting Of Nigerian Students


The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has frowned at the shootings of students in kogi state polytechnic lokoja.

Godwin Linus a student of kogi state polytechnic lokoja was shot inside the campus of the institution early hours of Wednesday the 28th of November 2018 by the men of Nigeria police force called SARS.

Linus, a student of public administration studies was shot in front of computer science department right inside the campus by the men of NPF.

The shooting came at the result of peaceful protest at the school gate by the student’s of this citadel of learning because of the death of their student. Kebiru Seidu whose death led to the protest , Until his demise he was a finalist of ND program, at the department of public administration.

The men of NPF. After not just chasing the students from the school gate but, followed them in to the school premises and they were shooting sporadically.

NANS frowned at the level of lack of professionalism by the men of Nigerian police force. That instead of managing the situation rather added more salt to the injury.

On this grounds we the leadership of NANS at all levels are saying;
_ That the state Government should put in place a speed breaker at the school environment to avert future occurrences.

_ that the state government should issue a statement condemning the act perpetrated by the men of NPF, or we shall bank on the rumor that it was ordered by the state government as it is a tradition in this government to shoot on sight the Nigerian students who came out in solidarity.

_ that NPF should apologize to Nigerian students, families of the affected victim and take responsibility for their actions.

_ that the CP investigate into the matter and bring to book the officers responsible as such characters sell a bad image of the police.

_ That the school management take responsibility of the victims and must issues a statement condemning the actions of the men of NPF.

_ that the management should make sure that the school hostels are put in shape for use upon resumption of the next academic session.

Failure to do this within seven Working days, shall attract the relocation of the National secretariat of NANS to kogi state.



National president