Wife Tears South East Governor’s Shirt In Public For Inviting Mistress To State Function

In case you are still in doubt, you can ask the governor of one of the South-East States whose home is currently on fire. The man who has 15th alphabet occupying a special position in his name was recently humiliated by his wife in the presence of guests!

Why? He got so carried away and blinded by love that he invited one of his mistresses to a state function.

And in anger, the First Lady decided to rubbish him before his guests in the State House. Without minding who was watching or even the calibre of people present, the woman pounced on the governor, tearing his shirt amidst raining curses on both of them.
Magazine has it that the couple, for long, had been at loggerheads over the said mistress whom the governor is hopelessly and recklessly in love with.

’You can therefore imagine the woman’s anger on sighting her at a state function. Without giving any hoot about what was going on, she made for the governor’s shirt, which she tore amidst a rain of abusive words.


’Even the governor’s security team was taken aback as they didn’t see this coming. In fact, it took their intervention and ceaseless appeal by some of the special guests before she would let go. The scandal is being discussed in hushed-tones by those who should know in the corridors of power. The few media people who witnessed the shameful act were later taken to a corner and ‘prevailed upon’ to ‘pause’ the story by the man’s media aide with whom the governor used to work in the same popular institution.’

One of the first three alphabets begins the State’s name. Another thing that stands it out is the governor’s way of dressing. At war with his godfather, the governor is the first person from his own part of the State to attain his position. Many also see him as an ingrate for turning against his predecessor as soon as he got into office. Allegations of alcoholism equally constantly trail him.

Another allegation trailing him is that because of his weakness and uncontrollable appetite for fair ladies, the wife hates seeing fair-complexioned women around him.

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