Home Lifestyle MUST READ: 17 Reasons Why You Should Make Love Every Single Day

MUST READ: 17 Reasons Why You Should Make Love Every Single Day

MUST READ: 17 Reasons Why You Should Make Love Every Single Day

Despite the fact making love is very enjoyable, most people never stop and think about the benefits. Sex is advantageous for both the body and the mind. Sex has a lot of benefits the average person has never even considered. These benefits are outlined below.

The Relationship Benefits

Making love brings people much closer together. This enables them to be intimate with each other. When you have sex with your partner, it can be magic.

Achieving Better Sleep

The chances are good that you will sleep much better once you have made love with your partner. Making love makes you feel more relaxed and at peace. You can get a better night’s sleep after sex.

Maintaining Control of your Libido

Just like the old adage says, use it or lose it. This is definitely true in regards to having sex and this will keep your libido going. Sex is something the majority of people never get tired of. Sex also increases your production of hormones so you are able to keep going for even longer.

Lowering the Potential for Prostrate Cancer in Men

Frequent ejaculations in men actually lower the risk of getting prostate cancer. This fact has been proven more than once. The Journal of the American Medical Association even published a study on this subject. Even man should come a minimum of 21 times each month to keep his risk factor as low as possible.

Promoting Heart Health

You should have sex every day or a couple times each week as a minimum. This decreases your chance of developing heart disease by nearly fifty percent. This may sound crazy but it also happens to be true. Intimacy provides a lot of different benefits for your heart.

The Benefit of Decreasing Blood Pressure

A link between decreasing blood pressure and making love has been clearly established. You do not even need to be wild or extremely kinky to receive the many benefits. If you need to watch your blood pressure, sex is a great way to help keep it at a lower level.

Boosting your Overall Mood and Confidence

When you are having sex, you will feel more loved and attractive. Sex can make you feel like you are really wanted and can boost your confidence a great deal. It does not take a lot of attention from someone deep inside your heart to make you feel exceptionally good.

Reducing Stress Levels

The Reduction in Pain

Having an orgasm can effectively block your pain. This might not seem like a good solution, but getting off can be an extremely big help. If you have ever made love when you had a headache, the chances are excellent your headache went away.

The Benefits to your Immune System

When you remain sexually active, your body is able to maintain the right levels of what is required to protect you from viruses and germs. Your body will not get anything new if you do not put yourself out there. Having sex may just give you the correct levels of antibodies your body really needs.

An Amazing Workout

Having sex can count as your daily exercise if you are doing it the right way. You can burn a lot of calories every time you have sex. This will help strengthen your muscles and really get your heart pumping.

Sex Can Make You Look More Youthful

In most cases, having sex much more often will give you a younger appearance. One study revealed older individuals having sex with their partner a minimum of four times each week looked between seven and twelve years younger than their actual age.

Helping to Ease Depression

In some cases, sex can ease depression because it helps your body release serotonin. Anyone suffering from depression requires more serotonin and this can sometimes help with the depression. Making love will not eliminate the depression but it can help.

The Promotion of Longevity

When you orgasm, you are releasing a lot of hormones. This makes certain orgasms extremely beneficial to your health. The dehydroepiandrosterone hormone is responsible for improving the health of your skin, your immunity and a whole lot more. This means there are numerous ways sex can actually help you live longer.

Increasing your Blood Circulation

When you have sex, your blood will really start pumping. This prevents you from remaining completely still and helps your blood circulation. This will provide you with even more health benefits.

The Intensity of your Senses

The more often you make love, the more intense your senses will become. You may even start noticing many things have become more intense than they were before. This is another positive attribute to having sex often.

Sex Feels Great

Anyone who is honest has to admit sex just feels good. When you have made a commitment to someone, sex provides you with something you could never find anywhere else. When you are with someone you have very strong feelings for, your orgasms become incredible. There is no other orgasm that will even come close.

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