Home News PMB Is Transforming Nigeria, Says Lai Mohammed

PMB Is Transforming Nigeria, Says Lai Mohammed

PMB Is Transforming Nigeria, Says Lai Mohammed

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has Stated that the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is transforming Nigeria through innovative measures that are yielding results.

The Minister made this known while speaking at the 2018 Africa Together Conference at the University of Cambridge in the UK on Saturday.

He listed investment in people, changing the business environment and building national infrastructure as some of the areas in which the Administration has made a great impact.

Mohammed said:“In my country, school enrolment is a challenge we face. And one of the main culprits is malnutrition. Government has stepped in: 8.2 million are being fed daily free meals in 45,000 schools. Not only does this increase attendance and provide children with a in some case only nutritious meal a day, it enhances learning efficacy in class and boosts cognitive development over the long term.”

He said the Administration is also changing the business environment for good, focusing especially on removing the red tape that makes it cumbersome for business and stifles innovation.

“Much of our programme has honed-in on business reform. Nigeria has moved up 24 places on the World Bank Ranking of Ease of Doing Business index putting it amongst the top 10 global reformers, along with Zambia, Malawi and Djibouti. The two areas we have prioritised are starting a business and access to credit,” he added.