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Shy New Single by Torikeeche



Finally we have the much anticipated single from the EIC Recording Producer Rapper Artist droping today.

The single expresses young love, versatility and a whole new ball game in the music industry as the beat absolutely a club banger for all the DJs and the feel of a western artist marshup with the fuze of the Naija flavour gives this single and the artist a whole new nich, making her one of the very few Nigerian artist to go solo and create a unique style, setting the pace for other creative and versatile artist out there.

ToriKeeche as she is preferred to be refferes to, promises to be the new revelation in the music entertainment industry as she is set to release one single in every two months as well as a music video to the singles back to back.

Download listen and share the good news…. iTuners and other online digital versions link available in her profile on IG, FB, Twitter, YouTube @Torikeeche, hit the follow button and click on the link to download…. RBT out in a bit.

Artist Torikeeche debuts with this execptional diferent style of music introducing a whole new dimension into the already saturated music scene! A game changer it is as she has now discharged what is by all accounts the perfect start to whole new game, track title “Shy”.
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