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Actor Yul Edochie Speaks On Sleeping With #Bobrisky



Yul Edochie

Actor Yul Edochie Speaks On Sleeping With #Bobrisky—-Nigerian famous actor Yul Chibuike Daniel Edochie popularly known as Yul Edochie has debunked sleeping with Nigerian transgender woman and LGBT personality Bobrisky.

There have been a lot of critics following Yul Edochie’s birthday wishes to Bobrisky.

Yul Edochie has opened up on how his celebration of popular crossdresser Bobrisky on his birthday resulted in harsh criticism from followers.

Yul Edochie said that some of his followers flocked to the comment area to accuse him of dating Bobrisky.

However, in a video he uploaded to his YouTube page, Yul addressed the people saying accusing him of dating Bobrisky.

The Nollywood actor stated that it is unacceptable for individuals to condemn others. Furthermore, he reminded people that God created all people, regardless of their differences.

Below is a brief content of Yul Edochie’s addressing followers that accused him of dating Bobrisky:

Earlier this year, I wished Bobrisky a happy birthday with a picture posted on my Instagram page. And then my page literally blew up and went on fire. By the time I came back, I got thousands of messages on the post and then my DM was flooded with messages. Somebody actually sent me a DM and said that I’m sleeping with Bobrisky just because I wished him a happy birthday on my page.

Someone even called me and requested that I pull down the post. Some people were even telling me how God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Are you God? Did God send you to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah?

Stop judging people, you are not God. Bobrisky is a human being like every other person. Why do we discriminate against people? We should stop all these. God told us to love your neighbor as yourself. Nigerians rest”

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