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BREAKING: Olu Jacobs Dead?



Olu Jacobs

BREAKING: Olu Jacobs Dead?—-The Genius Media Nigeria reports that Olu Jacobs death news emerged a few minutes ago on the micro-blogging site, Twitter, suggesting that veteran Nigerian actor, Olu Jacobs is dead.

This online news platform understands that veteran Nollywood actor, Olu Jacobs has been trending on Nigerian Twitter. The trend which started on Sunday afternoon, August 28, 2022, has left many wondering if all is well with Olu Jacobs.

Checks on the Nigerian Twitter trend table by our reporter where the veteran actor was mentioned, saw some Nigerians dropping cryptic messages which suggested the actor might be down

Further checks showed some Nigerians dropping broken heart emoji in response to Olu Jacobs trend on Twitter. At the same time, another Twitter user, @zubaidah_x asked: “Is Olu Jacobs really dead” and accompanied it with a sad and broken heart emoji.

Is Olu Jacobs dead? The true story…

The Genius Media Nigeria Understands that the veteran actor who celebrated his 80th birthday recently, Olu Jacobs is not dead.

Olu Jacobs death rumour:

Newsone reports that this is not the first time Olu Jacobs’ death rumour will be emerging. In October 2021, news emerged that Olu Jacobs died. A few hours after the rumour, Joke Silva, who is Olu Jacobs’ wife, debunked rumours of the death of her husband, Olu Jacobs on Tuesday evening, October 5, 2021.

According to the news on the internet at the time, the veteran actor was rumoured to be dead but his wife in an exclusive chat with The PUNCH,  said her husband was hale and hearty.

Joke Silva had said, “Don’t mind them, they’re just talking rubbish; don’t disturb your head. He is in the living room right now about to have Eba and Ogbono soup. Let them keep deceiving themselves. He is hale and hearty.”

What are Nigerians saying about Olu Jacobs death rumour?



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