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BREAKING: Bae U Bwess Video Leaked Online [CLICK TO WATCH]



Bae U

The Genius Media Nigeria reports that one of the alleged video of Bae U has finally leaked online.

Skit maker Adebayo Ridwan Abidemi aka Bae U has come under fire for allegedly demanding sex from ladies to feature them in movie roles.

Bae U, also known as Isbae U, on Sunday became a trending topic on social media after Instagram blogger Gist Lovers posted screenshots of conversations alleged to be that of the skit maker and ladies who claimed he wanted to have sex with them.

Bae U

Bae U sex-for-role Skit

On Sunday, Isbae U became a subject of discussion, topping social media trends especially on Twitter with over 10,000 tweets.

The Instagram sensation, who is making waves in the entertainment industry with his very comic skits, started off his career in 2017.

He had his education at Igbogbi Secondary School, and bagged a National Diploma from Yaba College of Technology.

Sharing the video Twiter Var Zoom Geng (@Twitte_Var) wrote:

Now this is one of the Videos as Promised… But i won’t let you guys Kobalize me. Its funny how some people said i don’t have Bae u video, Emi twitter Var..Bae u

Watch the Video below:

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