OBSCENE BEHAVIOR: Tega’s Husband Cautioned Against Domestic Violence After Wife’s Eviction From #BBNaija

OBSCENE BEHAVIOR: Tega's Husband Cautioned Against Domestic Violence After Wife's Eviction From #BBNaija

OBSCENE BEHAVIOR: Tega’s Husband Cautioned Against Domestic Violence After Wife’s Eviction From #BBNaija—-The Genius Media Nigeria reports that the husband of the evicted controversial BBNaija housemate, Tega Dominic has been cautioned against going physical with his wife following her obscene behavior while she was in the BBNaija shina Ya Eye house.

This reliable platform had reported Dominic was evicted from the house on Sunday bringing cheer to many of her critics who had fumed over the lewd conduct of the married mother of one in the BBNaija house.

Even before her celebrated eviction, several Nigerians had gone to the husband’s social medium page to inform him that they were not just sending her home to him, but on what he should do to welcome her home.

There were also shades of mockery in the social media posts on the husband’s Instagram page.

Below are some of the reactions and advice for the husband of Tega compiled by TGM


Don’t worry bro. Your wife is coming back home today. Remember domestic violence is not good ooh


Wow no worry u go attend tega nd boma traditional right

Advice for Husband As Tega Is Evicted


He needs this and has to move on Asap.Tega is not worth all the stress, humiliation and mental and emotional torture. Thank you guys for the support.


U no defend nonsense again? Nice move.


U see this man gangs no go allow him marry Tega again oooo una rock shaaaa🙌🙌🙌


Your wifey is a blessing in a way,@ least she gave you fame


The stress u put urself inside 😂.. to take ur wife’s shame


Your wife is coming home lol …Contect creator Werey


Them don evict your wife oo .. Bros keep her things for watt market 😂😂

More Words For Tega and Husband


She’s outside stranded. Go n pick her

What Tega Did In The House Is On Record, Husband Told


Bomteg kissing episode is now on Netflix. I will send you the video later


Welcome your wife home oponu 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


I like your energy now don’t allow any woman to let you down u’re now a celebrity may God help you and uplift u


Your wife said she miss you?


Your baby coming home to you today Brotha


Cross River we no the carry last,love you guys 🙌❤️❤️❤️


It’s obviously this man don’t like his wife,cos if u do, u won’t allow her to enter bbn, see! She’s is there now f**ckin on national tv and you are celebrating it with your bird’s of desame feathers friends, just dey prepare for tega and boma weedin


You are seriously craving for fame..now I understand why you are supporting your wife’s immorality…men of nowadays ehhhhhhhhhhh..you don’t mind sacrificing your marriage for this fame

Some were even cheerful to announce the news to the husabnd that Tega had been evicted.


Your wife is on her way😍


She don come house ooo 😂😂😂😂😂


Ur wife has been evicted


Awww congrats to your wife she’s coming home already


Chaiii I can see your friends cheering you up. Keep being strong.


I told you that your wife is coming home today


Some were quick to chide the husband for allowing Tega to go to BBNaija.


You have money and firm why sending her to Bbn…hope this will be settled amicably. May God bless una union


You need it to forget your sorrow is not easy watching your wife porn in national TV even if you are handicap


I have been thinking what made this innocent man to allowed his wife to participate in this ongoing bbnaija. Tega, look at the kind of shame you have brought to this young man and your entire family all because of fame and money. Through her appearance, she is a type that can’t be contended with what she has, a type that likes to manipulate everyone around her, a type that likes revenge and a type that believes she has a final say in every matter.

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