KEMI OLUNLOYO: Why I Enjoy Using Sex Toy

Why I Enjoy Using Sex Toy—-United State trained investigative journalist and Single mother of three, Kemi Olunloyo, is popularly known for her controversial statements on social media, which always sets the Nigerian media ablaze.

In an interview with PUNCH, Kemi talked about her sex life,her problem with popular Nigerian singer Davido, who she has always publicly criticised and her birthday wishes.

The controversial Journalist, said her birthday wish wasn’t fulfilled, as she wanted to get down with Nigerian actor Jude Chukwuka, who was gifted the sum of  N1M by Nigerian’s popular singer Naira Marley.

KEMI OLUNLOYO: Why I Enjoy Using Sex Toy

In her words, She said;

My birthday wish wasn’t fulfilled. I told Naira Marley I wanted to ‘get down’ with Jude Chukwuka, the actor he gave N1m. I was actually flirting with Chukwuka. What happens between me and Chukwuka is amazing. Even his wife and children are laughing at us. We are very good friends though I haven’t met either him or Naira Marley. The latter is like a son to me. He gave me a nice cash gift for my fifty-fifth birthday and also celebrated me when I turned 56 recently. I really can’t fall in love with a man. I don’t have whatever makes people fall in love. At 56, I don’t need marriage again.

Kemi  revealed she was celibate for 10 years, however, she enjoys using sex toys for her pleasures. She also stated that she really doesn’t like sex that much, because she was circumcised as a child. According to her, its common for Nigerian men to think all a woman wants is good sex.

She said;

I was celibate for 10 years. It is very common for Nigerian men to think that all a woman wants is I good sex but we don’t need that to get what we want out of life. Men only say such things when their egos have been deflated. I really don’t like sex because I was circumcised (female genital mutilation). That made me distant from my mother. I dated someone in 2017 and the relationship ended that same year. However, I use sex toys and I like them. I promote their use and I want other women to do the same.

Kemi discussing her issue with Nigerian singer Davido, said she has forgiven the singer after he called her an  ‘old cargo” on Twitter.

She Said;

“I have forgiven Davido for what he said to me though he did not apologise. I have never seen him. I don’t worry about him anymore. His fiancée, Chioma, didn’t offend me but her social handle was once used to call me an ‘old cargo’. I have never attacked her,’

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