Again, Oyedepo Slams Nigerian Leaders For Not Reopening Churches [VIDEO]

Architect, the founder and presiding Bishop of the megachurch Faith Tabernacle in Ota, David Oyedepo has again lashed out at Nigerian leaders Not Reopening Churches in order to curb the spread of COVID-19. 


According to Oyedepo, there’s been no Coronavirus outbreak in states where churches have been allowed to reopen. He also compared the vulnerability of churches and markets after he alleged that religious centers were directed not to hold services for more than 1 hour while markets are allowed to open for 8 hours.


The founder of Living Faith Church a.k.a Winners Chapel also stated that there might soon be a “preaching censorship board” with the recent directives issued by leaders in the country.


Oyedepo who insisted that the “enemy” is fighting against reopening of churches, sarcastically asked if people won’t go on with their lives even if a family member dies. He also recalled how he went back to school after his classmate died in class.


Here is the video below;