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Nigeria Men Don’t Want To Get Married, But S*x Around – Lady Voices Out




A lady has called on the society to stop putting pressure on men to get married because most of the do not want to.

A social media user, enenebe eje oru claims men actually do not want to get married, they just want to hoe around but are being pressured into getting married.

She wrote;

Can we reduce the pressure on Nigerian men to get married? These men don’t want to get married, let them be. They want to hoe around and that’s alright. I say this because there is literally no reason for a man who got engaged today to be trying to get pu**y the very next day
I’ve seen it happen not once, not twice, even with close male friends I used to respect. It’s disgusting and disrespectful to everyone abeg. How are you newly married and still trying to sleep with people outside? Are you not happy in your relationship?
It happens a lot, a whole lot and I’m really sick of it.. Imagine your husband that just got married to you teary eyed, telling one small girl “you gave me blue balls”.. I’d actually choke. And you people expect me to be excited about marriage
Marriage/engagement to some men is just another day uno. Just some casual event. No actual implications on their lifestyles. No change
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