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2019 ELECTIONS: How To Check Voters Registration Status Without Temporary Voters Card


Many have enroll for voters registration but lost or did not collect the temporary card at registration point. This made it difficult to request for “Permanent Voters Card (PVC). While others have the temporary card but don’t know the status of their registrations.

Some have visited http://voterreg.inecnigeria.org/to check their PVCs status but to no avail. Well this will be made easier in matter of seconds by freshtimes.com.ng

If you are registered in 2017/2018, for reason best known to INEC your details might not be found on http://voterreg.inecnigeria.org/

You still have no reason to panic as we have the solutions for you

1. I registered but lost my temporary voters card / I registered but have not collect the temporary card:

You can retrieve the voter’s card details if you can provide the following information.

a. Surname (Last Name)

b. First Name.

c. Correct date of birth used when registering.

2. I have the temporary voters card but my details are not found on INEC website:

a. Your voters Identification Number (VIN) is required or

b. Alternatively use details explain in no. 1


  • Instead of visiting http://voterreg.inecnigeria.org/ Visit http://voters.inecnigeria.orgusing chrome browser.
  • You will be prompted with 2 options (Check Status Using VIN & Check Status Using Your Date of Birth)
  • If you have the temporary voters card click on Check Status Using VIN
  • If you have not collect / have lost the temporary card click on Check Using Your Date of Birth
  • Fill the spaces as required and your voters card details will be displayed including your polling unit.
  • Print and use it in place of the temporary voters card.

How do I collect the permanent voter’s card after checking my details? Click Here To Know How