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Apostle Suleman :“I Just Increased My Tithe To 30 Percent, Satan Go And Die”



The argument between OAP daddy Freeze and Nigerian Pastors imposing tithing on members of the Church of God isn’t about to end anytime soon. This has been the latest trend that has surfaced on instagram and twitter

On his part , Daddy freeze has cited many bible verses which opposes Nigerian pastors mission and vision on tithing.

He asked “where in the Bible did our high priest under the order of Melchizedek, Jesus, or any of his disciples who were our first pastors, collected tithe ?

But reverse seems to be the case as Popular man of God, “Apostle Suleman” took to his twitter page to reveal that he just increased is own tithe from the normal 10 percent God ordered them to collect to 30 percent.

Below Is What He Tweeted:


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