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GTBank Fashion Weekend MasterClass : Danessa Myricks to treat on how to create a thriving brand in the fashion industry



A lot of females know the basics of make up application. However, make up is beyond applying foundation, powder and lipstick. For Danessa Myricks, make up is the definition of exploring facial expressions through facial painting, highlighting, and contouring. The craft is the core of her career, which over the years, has earned her international recognition.

This same art of make up is responsible for bringing Danessa Myricks to the GTBank Fashion Weekend, where she will be sharing her experience as a professional make up artist, as well as educate her audience on how to create a thriving brand in the fashion industry.

  • Danessa Myricks is a professional makeup artist, educator, author and former corporate executive.
  • Danessa’s career spans over 16 years, as a make-up artist, photographer and fashion entrepreneur.
  • Danessa’s love for makeup inspired her to create a global beauty blend of professional insight and wearable cosmetics that is available to every makeup lover.
  • She is the CEO of Danessa Myricks Beauty and known for the eponymous brand.

Danessa has also created robust educational resources to help others learn how to successfully start a career in makeup and build a successful business. She has authored bestselling books on contour, highlight and color for makeup artists, while producing seminars globally featuring her best techniques.

Also, she has worked with a number of celebrities and co-created with numerous global beauty brands, including Kiss and Benefit Cosmetics.

Danessa will treat guests to an exciting Masterclass at the GTBank Fashion Weekend, which holds on the 11th and 12th of November 2017 at Plot 1 Water Corporation, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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