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“I started having Sex at 28” – ASA



Nigerian international recording artiste, Bukola Elemide, known globally as Asa, has disclosed in a rare interview that she didn’t have s*x until she was 28.

The Beautiful Imperfection singer made the revelation in a 2015 interview with Funmi Iyanda which was uploaded to YouTube on Saturday.

Describing herself as a late starter, Asa said what she wanted in a man changed as she got older.

When at 28 she had not found the kind of man she had imagined in her head, she turned to her mother who shyly told her first time “will be painful at first”.

When Funmi sought clarification, the singer said “I am ashamed to say (it)” and when the audience made to clap she added, “don’t clap, I am not proud (of it)”.

Explaining further, she “I was in a place where I needed to carry the world on my shoulder and I needed to be straight, I need to focus on my career. So I wasn’t thinking about that aspect.”

The absence of a man around Asa led some bloggers to maliciously write that she was a lesbian.

Looking back, she described her decision to sue one of the writers of the stories as “stupid”, adding that it wasn’t necessary.

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